Tuesday, January 25, 2011

EDU 470 Ch.1 Question 5

I am exploring teaching to become the greatest teacher I can be. I want to be a teacher because I love to work with younger kids and I want to be the one who helps mold and inspire their minds. I want to become a physical education teacher because I want to educate the next generations on how lead a healthy and fit lifestyle that can be fun and benefitial to their own bodies. With high hopes of leading a classroom I plan to create an environment that is fun and attractive toward students. Creating an environment that students can be eager to learn in is a must for me. There are other benefits of a teacher which I do like such as the summer vacation, the pay and the job security but having the ability to pursue a passion of educating others in the subject matter that I love will always trump any other benefit of teaching.

Monday, May 10, 2010

NASPE/NCATE Beginner Teacher Standard 1

Standard 1: Scientific and Theoretical Knowledge

Physical education teacher candidates know and apply discipline-specific scientific and theoretical concepts critical to the development of physically educated individuals.

In PED 201: Motor Development, I gained experience working with young kids in a school setting. I designed and led activities in St. Mary's after school program with kids in kindergarten through the sixth grade. I learned leadership qualities and grew comfortable with working in a group as well as on my own. I had the opportunity to observe students and their certain skills as well as educate the kids on how to play certain games and do specific skills correctly.

NASPE/NCATE Beginner Teacher Standard 2

Standard 2: Skill and Fitness Based Competence

Physical education teacher candidates are physically educated individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to demonstrate competent movement performance and health enhancing fitness delineated in the NASPE K-12 Standards.

In PED 182: Health Related Fitness, I was required to develop a workout plan including cardiovascular and muscular elements. Before developing this fitness plan, I had to participate in a number of fitness tests to see where my body was at and used these results to build my fitness plan so that I would improve my overall physical fitness as I proceeded through my fitness plan. This addresses NASPE Standard 2 as I used skill performance to determine a measureable goal to attain.

NASPE/NCATE Beginner Teacher Standard 3

Standard 3: Planning and Instruction

Physical education teacher candidates plan and implement developmentally appropriate learning experiences aligned with local state, and national standards to address the diverse needs of all students.

NASPE/NCATE Beginner Teacher Standard 4

Standard 4: Instructional Delivery and Management

Physical education candidates use effective communication and pedagogical skills and strategies to enhance student engagement and learning.

NASPE/NCATE Beginner Teacher Standard 5

Standard 5: Impact on Student Learning

Physical Education teacher candidates utilize assessments and reflection to foster student learning and inform instructional decisions.

NASPE/NCATE Beginner Teacher Standard 6

Standard 6: Professionalism

Physical education teacher candidates demonstrate dispositions essential to becoming effective professionals.